6 Ways To Upgrade Your RV

Posted on: 23 November 2015

Buying an RV is exciting because it means you now have the freedom to have amazing adventures on the road, all within the comfort of a homey environment. After you spend some time in your RV, you may discover there are things you can do to make it even more comfortable and efficient. Here are six cool ideas for upgrading your RV:

Solar Panels

If you really want your RV to be self-sufficient, especially if you are planning to live in it at least part-time, you might want to consider installing an RV solar system. With a solar power system, you will have way more independence and flexibility. Instead of needing to stay at RV parks with electrical, you can park your RV anywhere, including the beach or in the mountains, and enjoy your very own electricity.

RV solar systems are quiet, easy to maintain, and efficient. You can pay a company to install solar panels on the top of your RV, or you can even make and install them yourself if you are handy.

New and Improved Vent Fans

The vent fans that come standard in most RVs are woefully inadequate if you plan to spend a significant amount of time inside your RV. After upgrading to higher quality RV vent fans, you will notice several improvements. Cooking smells and smoke will be removed from the interior of your RV much more effectively. You will also find the RV stays cooler and more comfortable in hot weather, while in cold weather damp, cool air will be effectively sucked out of your RV.

Improved Shower Head

Standard shower heads in RVs tend to have weak water pressure and flow, as well as inconsistent temperatures, making for a much less enjoyable showering experience than what you get at home. Splurging a little on an upgraded RV shower head will definitely improve your quality of life while you're on the road. It also may help you save water since you'll get way better water pressure and therefore not need to take as long of showers.

Mattress Topper

A common complaint you might overhear at RV parks is that the standard mattresses that most RVs come equipped with are lumpy and uncomfortable. Lack of sleep from an uncomfortable RV mattress can quickly ruin an otherwise great road trip.

Buying a better quality RV mattress is a great option if you have the budget for it, but otherwise why not just buy a memory foam mattress topper online? A mattress topper will provide you with a very comfortable place to sleep at a fraction of the cost of a new RV mattress.

Surge Protectors

Sometimes the electrical systems found at RV parks are outdated and not wired properly. Plugging into such a unit can quickly overload your RV's electrical, frying the entire system and leaving you without power. In order to avoid this inconvenient situation, simply buy surge protectors made specifically for RVs. In the case of a power surge, your electrical system will be completely protected and continue functioning without any issues.

LED Lighting

By switching out the standard RV lightbulbs with LED lights, you'll receive a host of benefits: LED lights will provide much better visibility inside and outside your RV, they will last way longer, and they're cooler to the touch and therefore way less of a fire hazard. LED lights do cost more upfront but you will find you get your money's worth since they last 25 times as long as standard lightbulbs.

With these upgrades, your RV will soon be calling you to the open road even more frequently. Read more about RVs to decide if you should purchase one and make these upgrades.