Two Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Car To Tell If It Has Problems

Posted on: 9 March 2017

Before purchasing or driving a car it is important that you know how to maintain the car and spot problems. Part of driving safely is not just knowing the laws of the road, but also knowing how to fix problems with the vehicle before they become serious and endanger everyone in the car. Here are some things that every driver should know about operating a car.

1. Your Car Is Leaking Fluid

Leaking fluid is very dangerous and should be attended to right away. There are a couple reasons that your car could be leaking. The first is that there is a problem with the engine. If there is a black fluid, which is oil, leaking from the car, it is a problem with the engine. Driving a car when the oil is low is very dangerous and could damage the entire car. Thus, if you see that the oil is leaking, you should put more oil in the car before you drive it to the mechanic.

The second problem you may notice is a transmission problem with leaky fluid. Transmission fluid is red or pink colored and usually leaks while you are driving and not as much as when you are parked. Thus, you probably won't notice it in your garage, but you will notice it down the driveway. Once again you should replenish the fluid before you drive to the mechanic, since driving with low fluid can be very dangerous.

2. Your Car Doesn't Respond Quickly

Another problem that you might notice is that your car is slow to respond when you tell it do to something. For instance, you might shift into reverse from park and it takes a few moments before the shift actually occurs. It could also take a couple tries shifting before the car does what you want. This is a sign of a faulty transmission.

You might also notice this with the brakes. If the brakes are on their last leg they will hardly respond when you press them. You might have to slam on the brakes to get them to respond, or you might have to pump them slowly. All of these things are very dangerous since it is only a matter of time before the brakes give out completely. Thus, solving the problem early will protect those in the car.

By looking for these signs you can detect problems in your car early on. For more information, contact local professionals like Soundside Automotive.