Bulking Up Your Fleet: 3 Things To Look For In A Commercial Truck Dealer

Posted on: 8 May 2017

Are you thinking about bulking your current fleet up with a few new reliable company trucks? Here are a few important things to look for when choosing a commercial truck dealer to buy from:

In-House Repair Technicians

One of the most important features to look for when choosing a commercial truck dealer to work with is an in-house repair team. When a truck in your fleet breaks down or needs repairs, you want to be able to take it back to the place you bought it, where they understand what's under the hood and how to maintain everything properly. So, the commercial truck dealer you decide to buy from when bulking your fleet up should have a complete repair facility available for diagnosing, repairing, and upgrading your trucks throughout the year whether the service is scheduled or you need immediate support due to an emergency.

Ongoing Fleet Discounts

Another thing to look for when consulting with prospective commercial truck dealers is the opportunity to take advantage of ongoing fleet discounts in exchange for buying all your commercial trucks from them. Some dealers offer nice purchase discounts when buying more than one truck at a time, but the number of trucks you'll have to buy to get these discounts will depend on the dealer you decide to buy from.

Not only can you tap into discounts for buying multiple trucks at once, but you may be able to get discounts for things like maintenance and repairs for your entire fleet of trucks throughout the year. When consulting with dealers, ask them to provide you with all their discount options in writing so you can compare them to one another before making any financial commitments.  

Extended Warranty Access

You should also have access to extended warranties when buying your new commercial trucks, because the manufacturers' warranties won't cover much more than major damage in the engine or drive-train. Extended warranties cover a wide range of repair and maintenance needs that will help lower the ongoing costs of keeping your trucks in good shape as time goes on. Many extended warranties even offer 24-hour roadside assistance and vehicles rentals that will help get your drivers around until their broken trucks are ready to get back on the road again.

By choosing to work with a commercial truck dealer that offers these features and benefits, your company's needs and preferences should be met for many years to come.