Think You Can Simply Repair Hail Damage To Your Vehicle? Think Again

Posted on: 12 May 2017

Having any type of body work done to your vehicle can be costly. While there are some type of body work you can do yourself, like touch-up painting or filling in scratches, if your auto has hail damage, it is probably best to take it to an auto body shop for the repairs. Here are a few facts about this dilemma.

Internet Do-It-Yourself Advice

There are a number of do-it-yourself tips on the Internet for hail damage repair. One method is to use a kit that pops out dents. It will involve gluing a suction cup over the dent and pulling the dent out after the glue has dried. Unfortunately, this is not a very effective method. You would have to have a suction cup that fit the dent perfectly and would pull with different amounts of pressure depending on the depth of the dent. Since dents are concave, they are not of the same depth for the whole dent. Another method involves heating the dent until the metal is warm and then applying dry ice to quickly cool the area and cause the metal to pop back in place. This method also does not have a good record of positive results.

Chipped Paint

If you somehow manage to get the dent out yourself, odds are that the paint has been damaged. This will mean that you have to paint the area to protect the underlying metal from rusting. While you may have gotten the dent out, it probably will not be completely smooth. You may not even notice this until you repaint the area. In addition, if your car has been out in the sun, the original paint may have faded so you will need to match the current color and not rely on the original color identification. A professional can get the dent out so that it is completely smooth and can also match the paint so the whole thing will not need to be repainted.

Doing the job of hail damage repair to your vehicle is not going to give you the results you want unless you are experienced in auto body repair. A professional can do the work so that no one would ever know there was any damage. Before you begin the task yourself, or hire a professional, look over your auto insurance policy, this damage might be covered. This way, you will not have to worry about the cost and can have it done the way it should be done.

For more information about why professional hail damage repairs are best, talk to body shops like Dent Tech.