How To Get Free Oil Changes

Posted on: 31 May 2017

Oil changes generally cost around $20-$30 now, depending on where you get your car's oil changed. While it is a minor expense, it tends to be a major hassle when you have to take an hour out of your day to sit in a service lobby to have this done. At least, if you had to sit and wait for an oil change, it would be great if it was either free or as close to free as you could get. Well, maybe you have not been looking hard enough, because there are definitely free and discounted oil changes if you know where to look.

Learn to Change the Oil Yourself

Changing the oil in your vehicle is not that difficult. You could take a quick automotive maintenance course at a tech school in about a single Saturday and learn to do oil changes, as well as a few other routine maintenance tasks. Then you could change your own oil every time and do it on your own time rather than on the mechanic's time. Of course, it is a greasy and messy job, so if this option is not for you, consider one of the other options below.


Several churches provide a free oil change service to the public once a year. They know that car maintenance is expensive, so they try to help the less fortunate parishioners with the care of their vehicles. However, as an extension of this "ministry," they offer the service to the public too.

Buy Some, Get One Free

There are several mainstream garages that also offer a free oil change--if you buy the first six, ten, or twelve oil changes. Clearly, the garage that offers a six-punch card and a free oil change after that is the best option. Still, if you cannot get the "buy six, get one free" option, any oil change for free after buying the first "x" number of changes is a good deal.

Lease a Car, Get Free Oil Changes

When you lease a car (rather than buying it), the maintenance is free, including routine oil changes. You do have to take the vehicle back to the dealership where you bought it for the oil changes, but at least you never have to worry about this expense. If you are not currently leasing a vehicle, that might be something to consider the next time you are in the market for a car.