Keeping The Air Conditioning Running Properly In Your Car

Posted on: 10 June 2017

There are a lot of critical parts that help you keep your car running and while most people don't see air conditioning as something they need, it is nice to have in the warm summer months. The system is not typically high maintenance but it does require some attention from time to time. Take the time to inspect the system and have it serviced or repaired if you suspect there is a problem.

 Inspecting The System  

The air conditioning in your car is made up of a few parts that are pretty simple but have to all work properly for the system to function. The air conditioner compressor, the evaporator, the lines that carry the refrigerant through the system, and the air conditioner core under the dash all play a role. If the system is not working, having it inspected for damage, leaks, or other failures is important. The components are not cheap so just replacing random parts is most likely going to leave you with an empty wallet and a lot of frustration.  

Removing the System Instead of Repairing It  

While this has been done many times, if this is the road you want to go down, take the car in to an air conditioning shop. The coolant needs to be captured and the parts removed properly to avoid affecting other parts of the car. Just removing the belt is not really an option anymore as most systems use a compressor driven off the serpentine engine belt.  

Intermittent Cold Air  

If you have the system recharged and it last a few days or weeks then gets warm again, you most likely have a leak somewhere in the system. The best option is to have a service shop run a leak test on the system to identify where the issue is. They may put dye in the system to look for the leak, sometimes using one that will show under a black light for hard to find leaks. Once the leak is located, it can be repaired and the system recharged again. The leak could be anything from a loose hose coupling to a leak in the condenser so the entire system needs to be checked by a qualified technician.  

The Cost of Repairing Your Air Conditioning  

Because the parts are very expensive, you may be tempted to not fix the air conditioning but keep in mind, cold air is a selling point if you trade or sell the car. It can really add to the bottom line price of a car. While it is true that it may not be critical to the car's operation, there are reasons to keep it. Take the time to get an estimate from a qualified service center before deciding whether or not you want to spend the time and money on the system.

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