Avoid Pre-Owned Vehicle Regret By Checking For These 3 Issues

Posted on: 15 June 2017

A pre-owned vehicle can seem like an attractive choice if you're trying to get around without spending too much. However, you might regret your choice if you aren't checking for the following issues.

Transmission Problems

Paying for a faulty transmission can eat up a lot of money, so you must be sure that you're not acquiring a used vehicle that has transmission problems. To check quickly, slide the vehicle into its neutral gear and sit idle for a bit. If you hear a low knocking or other noises, it's smart to have a mechanic assess the situation.

Suspension Problems

An easy way to check for this problem is to bring along a packed duffel bag or an old tire and drop it in the trunk before test driving the vehicle. While you're making turns and rolling down the road, pay special attention to how the ride feels. Does the car lean over to one particular side? Does it feel like the trunk is dragging? Does the car make weird noises when you roll over road bumps? If so, you may need mechanic services to take a closer look.

Body Damage

Some owners might be reluctant to tell you about damage that happened in the past because they think it may turn you off from purchasing the vehicle.Not only that, but the person you're buying the vehicle from might not be the original owner, in which case they may not even know all the information about the car themselves. All the same, it's smart to know whether you'll be purchasing a car that might have already been in an accident or had rust or other damage.

One method you can use to tell if more questions are necessary is to look into each door jamb as you open and shut the vehicle's doors. If a past owner had to have the car repainted for any reason, it's highly unlikely that they used a body shop which took the time to paint the jambs. If the color isn't the same as the exterior, it's important to find out why, if possible. The person who had the paint job done might have just wanted something new, but it's essential that you ask so that you know about any damage right away.

For more help figuring out whether a pre-owned vehicle will suit you, work with your mechanic (Professional Automotive is a fantastic starting point). They can provide more advice that you can use to make your final decision.