Tips For Improving The Brightness Of Your Passenger Truck's Headlights

Posted on: 24 June 2017

If your passenger truck's headlights have become very dim and you are having a hard time seeing the road while driving, then you can easily solve this problem by following these tips:

Tip: Clean Oxidation and Scratches Off of the Headlight Lenses

As your truck's headlight lenses age, they become scratched from road dirt and oxidized on the very top layer of the plastic they are made of. To remove scratches and oxidation to improve the brightness of your headlights, simply clean them with some paste-style toothpaste and a soft cloth. 

Tip: Replace the Low-Beam Bulbs with High-Beam Bulbs and Point Them Downward

Many small passenger truck owners take a cheap and easy route to brightening their low-beam headlights. They replace the dimmer low-beam bulbs with brighter high-beam bulbs. Once installed, adjust the new bulbs so they are pointing downward and will not glare at other drivers on the road. You can easily adjust the bulbs by placing a line on a wall to aim them at and then moving the adjustment screw on the outside of each light to adjust the lights up and down.

Tip: Replace the Low-Beams with an Aftermarket LED Light

If you have cleaned the headlight lenses and your lights are still too dim, then you might want to opt to replace the bulbs with LED lights. The LED lights on the market today are very bright and don't drain as much power as traditional halogen lights while they are running.

Tip: Add a High-Output Alternator to Your Truck

If your truck still has its original alternator or one that is aging, then you should consider replacing it with an alternator that has a higher power output. A high-output alternator will do a better job of charging your truck's battery, and in turn, your headlights will get more power and be brighter.

Tip: Take Your Truck to the Auto Repair Shop to Have the Wiring Tested for Proper Grounding

Finally, if the electrical system in your truck isn't adequately grounded, then your headlights will be very dim. If you have tried cleaning the lenses and replacing the bulbs and your trucks lights are still too dim to see while you drive down the road, then consult a local auto mechanic for further assistance. The mechanic will test all of the electrical wiring in your car to verify it is properly grounded and serving enough power to the lights.

Visit a repair shop like Car and Truck Services Inc. for more information about maintaining your headlights.