Got A Sate Inspection Coming Up? 4 Things You Need To Do

Posted on: 2 July 2017

Every year, you have to take your vehicle in and ensure that it is safe to be driven on the road. In many states, this will involve an emissions test to ensure your vehicle is not putting off an excessive amount of pollution. If you are nervous about your upcoming inspection, here are four things you can do to get your vehicle ready:

1. Change Your Oil and Oil Filter.

While a state inspection does not require that you have fresh oil in your vehicle, it may be a wise move on your part. This is particularly true if you have an older vehicle. The reasoning behind this is that fresh oil, when compared to older oil, is thicker, which means there is less of a chance of the oil leaking through old, worn out gaskets. Plus, an oil change and new oil filter will simply help your engine run better and produce less smog. Just make sure that you perform the oil change a couple days prior to your inspection to get the full benefit.

2. Replace the Air Filter.

Just as a dirty air filter makes it harder to breathe inside the home, a dirty air filter inside the car makes it harder for your car's engine to breathe. So, if you change the air filter, it will improve the engine's performance significantly, while also leading to fewer emissions.

3. Check Your Tires.

While the oil and air filter may not necessarily have been a requirement, good tires are. You need to do a close inspection of all four of your tires. If they are worn down too much or there are a lot of weather cracks on them, then they must be replaced prior to the inspection. Otherwise, you will just waste your time even trying to get the inspection done.

4. Check Your Lights.

Another requirement to pass your state inspection is that all of your lights are in proper working order. This includes your high and low beams, tail lights, brake lights, and blinkers. Don't forget to check the light for your license plate, as it must be working as well. The great thing about these lights is that if they aren't working that they're an inexpensive and quick fix.

If you are concerned whether your vehicle will pass the state inspection, don't hesitate to take your vehicle to an auto service shop for an inspection to find anything that could cause the inspection to not go in your favor.

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