Maximum Security For Smooth Transportation - Preparing Your Vehicle For Towing

Posted on: 17 July 2017

When most people think of their vehicle being towed, they automatically jump to an involuntary situation that results from a questionably legal parking decision. However, having your vehicle towed out of necessity or convenience can be a much smoother process that affords you the opportunity to prepare ahead of time and take steps to secure your vehicle.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of those steps that should help guarantee your car or truck remains protected through the towing process. Following these suggestions should help guarantee that your vehicle is ready to perform as soon as it arrives at its destination, allowing you to minimize your stress and maximize your efficiency:

Tire Care

Anyone who has ever had to change a tire knows that it's not a fun process when the vehicle is on level ground and driven by its owner. Exporting that stress onto a tow truck driver can maximize the effects of that problem and leave you struggling to assist your tow driver with protecting your vehicle.

Make sure that you check all of your tires for potential weak spots in both the tread and the wall before scheduling a tow. You should pay particular attention to the rear tires if the vehicle is going to be pulled on its back wheels rather than loaded on to a flatbed.

Thorough Cleaning

Though you may not think of a clean vehicle as a mechanical necessity, if your car is going to be sealed up tight on the back of a tow truck for an extended period, a little freshness will be badly needed. Stagnant air can multiply the effects of potential contaminants and can leave you dealing with a vehicle that may be downright unpleasant to be inside.

A thorough cleaning and detailing can allow you to have a much fresher vehicle when it arrives and can guarantee you can hop right back in. Cleaning also presents an opportunity to check the dark and deep corners of your vehicle for potential damage and take steps to address those issues preemptively.

Testing Your Lights

Making sure that other vehicles on your road can see your car or truck as it's being towed is a vital part of safety. This means double checking that your warning lights are all operating in their best possible condition. Most of the time, these will be hooked up to the tow truck and operated in connection with the truck lights, so make sure that you double check the connecting plug on your vehicle as well.

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