5 Must-Have Items Your Emergency Roadside Kit Should Include

Posted on: 25 July 2017

Many drivers have a late model vehicle with a substantial warranty policy. Others participate in a motorists club. Both typically provide free or low-cost emergency roadside assistance that can help you with a flat tire or send a tow truck to haul the car to an auto repair shop. Roadside assistance is a great thing, but it won't necessarily help you out of every jam. Vehicles can break down in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone service available. That's why it's best to put together a roadside emergency kit so you're always prepared. Here are five items that should be in the trunk of every vehicle you own.

Fire Extinguisher

Even if you have a cellphone signal, the chances of anyone getting there in time to help in the event of an engine fire is slim to none. A fire extinguisher should be rated for Class B and Class C fires. A Class B fire is one that involves flammable, combustible materials, such as gasoline and diesel fuel. Class C fires are those that involve the electrical system and things like fuses and batteries.

Reflective Emergency Triangles Everyone has heard of tragic cases where someone was accidentally killed while pulled over on the side of the road fixing a flat tire. A set of three emergency warning triangles will alert oncoming drivers that something is going on ahead of them and will give them time to slow down and move over to a different lane. This will make it safer for everyone.

Jumper Cables

Don't make the mistake of thinking you only need jumper cables in the winter. It's very easy to accidentally leave the lights on and drain your battery. Having jumper cables will enable you to quickly find someone willing to give you a jump, and you'll be back on the road in no time. Buy a pair that is at least 12-feet long and a 6-guage.

Flashlight A high-powered flashlight with extra batteries is an absolute must. You won't be able to do anything when it's pitch black out. A freestanding lantern is also a good idea. You can easily set it next to you for even more light where you are working.

Duct Tape

This universal fix it can come in handy. Maybe you just need to secure the muffler for a few more miles or repair a broken gasket until you can get to an auto repair shop. 

To learn what to do in a car emergency, talk to a mechanic at H & S Tire & Auto Center.