How To Maintain Your Jaguar In Pristine Condition

Posted on: 16 August 2017

If you have just acquired a Jaguar automobile, count yourself as a truly lucky individual! Whether it's an older model or a new one, you probably think of the car as a beloved possessionFor that reason, your plan is probably to keep in pristine condition. From inside to out, here are some ideas. 

Set A Time Each Day - Even if it means getting up ten minutes earlier each morning, setting a schedule to maintain your Jaguar clean might be a great thing to do.

  • Think of dividing the car into visual sections and go from there.
  • For example, think of the floor of your Jaguar. Are the mats clean? If it's a pre-owned Jaguar, do the mats need to be replaced?
  • Use specially treated cloths to dust the inside. Don't forget to wipe off things like the steering wheel door handles.
  • Remember to purchase the right type of cleaner for leather seats. 
  • Of course, you'll give the outside of your Jag the same detailed cleaning as you did the inside.

Connect With Professionals - If you purchased your Jaguar from a dealership, you've got it made. However, if your Jaguar is a pre-owned car that you bought from an individual, think of going to a dealership that sells Jaguars and connect with a professional that can help you with service problems in the future.

  • By going to a dealership that sells expensive cars like Jaguars, Porsches and Mercedes, you'll be dealing with service men and women who are beautifully trained to work on that type of vehicle. In addition, you'll be doing business with individuals who have the experience to work on specialty cars.
  • If you bought a preowned vehicle, think of taking it to this type of dealership so that it can be inspected for any service that may be needed.
  • In addition, if your Jaguar has been in a collision, a Jaguar dealership is a great place to have it repaired.
  • From little dents to replacing doors or doing an even bigger repair, the shop will have state-of-the-art equipment to do the repairs in a way that your beloved Baby will look like it just drove off the showroom floor.

Think of buying a special notebook to keep a record of when you did things like changing your Jaguar's oil or rotating the tires on your Jaguar. Be sure to note the name and contact information of the people you have worked with at the Jaguar service center.