Euro Car Maintenance: Why It Differs From US Car Maintenance

Posted on: 29 August 2017

When you are in the market for a European car, one of the first things you might hear is that the car maintenance will be more expensive or frequent than US car maintenance. Let's dispel some of the myths about Euro car maintenance.

Why Does it Differ from US Car Maintenance?

There are a couple of reasons that these cars require a little bit of sensitivity. The issue is that many of the car replacement parts that you will find in the United States do not work well with these cars. Each manufacturer creates their own style of parts that are specific in size and function to their car models. If you choose the wrong auto repair shop, you might find that they put in the wrong parts. So be sure that your auto repair shop is used to doing Euro car repair.

Maintenance Schedules May Be Different

The other thing to know is that you may need to do maintenance on different intervals when you have a Volkswagen instead of a Toyota. Thus, your auto repair shop serves the role of letting you know when you need to come back in for service. Owners who previously had a Japanese or American car may be baffled to find that they were supposed to replace their timing belt 20,000 or 50,000 miles ago.

Parts Can Be Sensitive

Some parts, like the electronics, can be a little bit touchy in European cars. So, you need a mechanic who is used to dealing with more delicate vehicles.

Who Can You Trust with the Car?

One option is to take the car directly to the dealer for maintenance. You will be sure that they know which parts to use in your vehicle. The other option is to find an expert Euro car maintenance shop that knows the different techniques for your vehicle. Just be sure that you do get your parts directly from the manufacturer that is specific to your vehicle. Don't let a mechanic put in standard sized parts without checking the specifications for your vehicle first.

It's true that European car maintenance can be a little tricky if you aren't used to it. But what you get in return for your efforts is a car whose style is often superior to that of American cars. If you are looking for a car that stands out, and you are willing to be careful about what maintenance you get, then Euro cars could be a great choice.