How To Spot Engine Trouble Before It's Too Late

Posted on: 6 September 2017

Engine trouble happens to the best of us. However, you want to make sure that you are staying diligent when it comes to spotting engine trouble as soon as it makes itself known. This way, you will have a much better chance of having you current engine repaired. The alternative is trying to ignore the problem until it gets so bad that your engine locks up and you are forced to replace it. To help you spot engine trouble early on, you will want to look for these signs:

The Engine Keeps Overheating

When the engine of a vehicle overheats, a warning light will come on on the dashboard. This is an indicator that is telling you that you need to immediately pull over. Do not attempt to continue to drive the vehicle, even if you think that you are really close to home. Pull over and have your vehicle towed to the mechanic. If you do not do this and you continue to drive your vehicle with an overheating engine, you could end up with cracked cylinder heads or burnt pistons. This is incredibly expensive and often results in the replacement of your motor.

You Hear A Loud Knocking Sound

This is a problem that needs immediate attention or you might not be able to get the engine fixed at all. It could end up simply needing replaced. The moment you hear a knocking sound coming from under your hood, it is safe to say that it is your motor giving you a warning sign that it needs help. Pull over and have the vehicle towed to your trusted mechanic. Even if you think it might make it to the auto repair shop with you driving it, that may not be the risk that you want to take, as you could find yourself breaking down in a very bad location.

Oil Is Forming A Puddle On Top Of Your Engine

The first sign of this happening usually comes in the form of smoke pouring out from under the hood of your vehicle. This is because the engine gets hot when you drive around and the oil will start to burn off, which is what creates to smoke. However, you don't want to assume that this is a problem that will resolve itself. You need to find out where the oil leak is coming from and how bad your engine has been affected by it. In the meantime, you will want to check your engine oil levels to make sue that you are not driving with a dry engine.

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