5 Warning Signs Your Car Engine May Need Repairing

Posted on: 9 January 2018

One thing you may need to do is work on your car as necessary. This is especially true if you have an older vehicle. It's entirely possible for your engine to need repair as your automobile does get begin to get up in years. It's a great idea to know some of the warning signs that could be an indication that a car engine repair may be in order.

Sign #1: Noises when driving

It's entirely possible you may need to have your engine checked by a professional if you hear strange sounds while driving. Some of these may include squealing or grinding noises, and it's always ideal to find out what the cause of this may be.

Sign #2: Check engine light

Of course, one of the things may instantly alert you of your car needing repairs is if the engine light comes on your dashboard.  However, keep in mind the reason for this occurring could be due to other things, but it's highly likely you may have some type of issue.

Sign #3: Excessive smoke for the exhaust

If you begin to smell smoke and realize it's coming from the exhaust system, this is an immediate warning sign that you may have an issue with your car engine. The first thing you will want to do is pull over because this could even cause a fire in some cases.

Sign #4: Leaks

Seeing fluid stains in your garage is an instant warning sign that your vehicle may be losing oil. This is a situation you will want to check out because if you lose too much oil, this could ruin your engine.

Be sure to take time to inspect this before leaving your home for any reason. Doing this could help prevent significant expenses with your vehicle if it does run out of this crucial fluid.

Sign #5: Chugging engine

It's possible your car may seem much slower than usual when you're going down the road. If you experience any sluggishness, you will want to find out the cause of it because it may become so severe your vehicle stops running.

The key to keeping your car in the best possible shape will largely depend on how much you care for it. There are numerous warning signs that may alert you to problems with your engine. Be sure to work closely with an auto repair shop to assist you fixing these when necessary.