Let Hail Repair Services Help Out Before Your Lease Is Up

Posted on: 5 August 2019

When you lease a car, never forget that the vehicle doesn't belong to you. Once the 24- or 36-month contract is up, the vehicle goes back to the dealer, and the dealership wants that vehicle returned in the same shape it was when first driven off the lot. Some dealers may be more forgiving than others, and you won't know what is tolerated until return time. You don't want to experience any costly surprises over seemingly "minor" damage. Dents and dings from hail storms could upset a dealership's manager. The resultant repair bill could bother you even more. A better plan involves taking the car to a hail damage repair service and avoiding potentially high dealer costs.

The High Costs of Dealership Repairs

What might be minimal to you could be a big deal to the dealership. When leasing a car, you agree to pay the depreciation. The dealer then sells the returned vehicle at a price appropriate for its condition. If you damage the vehicle, you cut into the dealer's sale price. A hailstorm, for example, could seriously ding up the front hood. The expense goes to you in the form of body or mechanical work. Buffing out the small dings and applying touch-up paint could restore the vehicle's look to near-perfect condition. The dealership might not choose this option. Instead, the manager decides to replace the hood. Now, you are stuck with a bill costing hundreds of dollars or more. 

Avoiding the DIY Kits 

Do-it-yourself kits for repainting over scratches and minor dents claim to deliver a good-as-new finished look. The equipment, however, is only as viable as the person using it. A car leaser with no experience handling hail damage repair could make things worse. Repairs bills could head further north.

The Convenience of Hail Damage Repair 

Bringing the vehicle to a local body shop might be difficult. Your schedule could be tight, and fitting in a trip to the shop before the due date may be difficult. Thankfully, mobile repair services exist. If the necessary work isn't too involved, fixing things in front of your house or office might be possible. Repairing extensive damage like those that need fender replacements and the like isn't possible at curbside.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Try to get the hail damage fixed without delay. Waiting too long does more than create scheduling problems. What if rainfall leads to the scratches becoming rusty? The repairs then become more extensive. Avoid such troubles. Call a hail damage repair team as soon as you notice problems.