Signs That Your Vehicle's Transmission Fluid Is Low

Posted on: 31 March 2022

Do you have an issue with low transmission fluid and you're not sure why? If so, it helps to know some of the signs of low transmission fluid.

Burning Odor Under The Hood

It's never good to have a burning odor coming from under your hood since it could be caused by many different reasons. For example, you may have a coolant, oil, or transmission fluid leak. However, transmission fluid that is burning has a distinct smell that is different from oil and coolant.

Transmission fluid typically burns when the system is low on fluid since it helps cool down the transmission. The internal components will start getting really hot while it is in use, which produces that burning odor that you are smelling. Try adding more transmission fluid to see if that makes the odor go away. If so, you'll need to have the transmission repaired to stop the fluid from leaking out.

Slipping Transmission When Driving

Have you noticed that your transmission slips gears when you are driving? This can be caused by having low hydraulic pressure within your transmission due to a lack of fluid. A slipping transmission causes your car to respond slowly when accelerating. The RPMs may get really high before the gears finally shift upward, which results in a loud noise as your engine revs higher than it needs to. A slipping transmission can also cause your car to shift into neutral at times, or not even shift gears at all in extreme situations. 

This is a problem that's definitely worth investigating. A slipping transmission can happen due to a lack of transmission fluid and hydraulic pressure. However, it can also be caused by transmission fluid that is dirty. 

Noisy Transmission When Shifting Gears

Your transmission has a fluid pump that can result in causing a lot of noise. It's possible that this pump will make noise by having dirty transmission fluid or low transmission fluid. There is a lot of air that is getting into the transmission system, and you'll likely hear louder noises than normal when the vehicle is automatically shifting gears.

Transmission Fluid Puddles Under Your Vehicle

Of course, an issue with low transmission fluid is going to result in a leak. If you notice a dark red liquid that has formed underneath your vehicle after you have parked your vehicle, this is likely the transmission fluid that is coming out in large amounts. You'll want to have this leak repaired as soon as possible.  

For more information about transmission repair, contact a local auto repair shop.