Why Does Your Car Make Booming Sounds?

Posted on: 22 July 2022

If your car makes a loud booming noise every time you drive it, visit an auto service provider soon. Your car may have a problem with its catalytic converter. If the catalytic converter goes bad on your car, it could be explosive. Learn more about catalytic converters and how an auto service provider can repair your car's catalytic converter below.

What's a Catalytic Converter?

Your vehicle's exhaust system produces a large quantity of harmful fumes every time you drive it. In order to control the harmful chemicals found in your car's exhaust fumes, your car comes with a special device called a catalytic converter. A catalytic converter changes, or converts, the dangerous chemicals created by your vehicle into harmless gases or compounds

Catalytic converters may last up to 100,000 miles or more before they require significant repairs. However, a converter can experience multiple problems before its time. The device can prematurely go bad if you inadvertently bump or break it on the road. The device may also go bad if it becomes clogged with oily residue, dirt, and other contaminants. 

A damaged or clogged converter will make loud noises or give off foul odors when you drive your car. A fire may start in your car if harmful gases become trapped inside the catalytic converter or exhaust system. You can protect your vehicle from problems by servicing its catalytic converter.  

How Do You Repair a Catalytic Converter?

Take your car to an auto service provider as soon as you possibly can. An auto service provider can test your car's exhaust system and catalytic converter to see if there's a problem with them. If a provider finds anything wrong with the exhaust system and/or catalytic converter, they'll take immediate action to repair them.

A provider may need to replace your car's converter to solve the issues at hand. The converter may not be safe enough to remain inside your vehicle. A replacement part may be the only way to keep your vehicle's exhaust system in good condition.

If the rest of your vehicle has sustained damage because of a bad converter, a service provider may need to repair or replace parts within it. A bad converter can affect your engine's fuel system and engine over time. Both systems won't perform efficiently or well if they become damaged. A provider can go over the repairs or replacements with you before they service your vehicle.

Learn more about catalytic converters by contacting an auto service provider such as Cliff's Automotive Repair & Exhaust today.