Why Does Your Car Wobble When You Brake?

Posted on: 12 August 2022

If your car wobbles whenever you slowly press down on the brakes, take your car to an auto repair shop fast. Something could be seriously wrong with your brake system. Learn why your car wobbles when you hit the brakes and how an auto repair shop can solve the issue below.

Why Does Your Car Wobble When You Brake?

The brake system in your car is a key component to keeping you and your passengers safe on the road. When something goes awry with your brakes, you don't want to put off repairs until later. If your brake system gives out on the road, it can be disastrous for everyone in your car. Wobbling is one of the signs your brake system needs repairs soon.

A number of things in your brake system can make your car wobble on the road, including worn rotors. Rotors are small discs that prevent your car's wheels from moving whenever you press the brakes. Your car's wheels must spin in order to propel the vehicle forward on the road. If the rotors in your brake system become extremely worn or damaged, they won't have enough power to keep your car's wheels from spinning. Your car's wheels will continue to move until they spin out of control.

Rotors aren't the only potential cause of your wobbling car. The brake pads could also be worn down or broken. Unless you diagnose or repair your brake system soon, the problem may only become worse.

How Can an Auto Repair Shop Fix Your Brakes?

An auto repair shop will most likely use a brake inspection to determine the cause of your wobbling car. If your brake system's rotors are worn away or damaged, a shop can replace them immediately. You may want to go ahead and replace your brake pads as well. 

If the rotors and pads aren't the causes of your wobbling car, a shop will check the brake calipers in each wheel for problems. The calipers must press or squeeze down on the rotors and pads to slow down the vehicle when it's in drive. If the calipers wear down prematurely, they won't create enough pressure to activate the rotors and pads. The wheels in your car will spin as a result. An auto shop can replace the calipers so that they function properly when needed.

You can repair your wobbling car by taking it to a brake repair shop for brake system repairs today.