Was Your Car Deemed A Total Loss By The Insurance Company? Here's What You Want To Know

Posted on: 18 November 2017
In some situations after an automobile accident, it is deemed that a car would be a total loss because it is damaged so badly. However, in many cases, vehicle owners find themselves surprised when their insurance company decides that their car is a total loss because the damage does not seem all that bad. If you find yourself in this situation, you are bound to have some questions. Here are a few of the most common questions about a car that has been deemed a total loss by an insurer.
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Things To Know When Buying A Luxury Car

Posted on: 3 October 2017
Owning a luxurious car is appealing, but it also means a big investment. If you are aspiring to buy a luxury car, there are a few things which you need to know so that you can make an informed decision. Know The Residual Value Rating You need to check the residual value rating of the vehicle. This is an important indication about the quality of the vehicle, specifically the model and its value retention ability.
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3 Signs Your Car Has A Blown Head Gasket

Posted on: 26 September 2017
The head gasket is a small piece of your engine, but it is a vital one. It acts as a seal between the engine block and the head of the cylinders, preventing fluids from mixing in the engine. If your head gasket becomes damaged or torn, commonly referred to as 'blown,' it can have dire effects for the entire operation of your engine. Understanding the warning signs associated with a blown head gasket can make it easier for you to identify the problem when it begins to manifest itself so that you can head to a mechanic straight away.
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Why Commercial Truck Headlight Repairs Avoid Legal Problems

Posted on: 18 September 2017
Truck drivers understand that their headlights are bound to burn out at some point. However, they may not understand the legal ramifications that can occur if they don't get them repaired. There's a good chance that they may end up in minor to serious legal problems. Headlights Suffer From Many Problems The cause of headlight problems will vary wildly depending on the commercial truck. For example, some simply suffer from a blown fuse that is relatively easy to fix.
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